hi! this is a place for liam to play with html.

What's new

Sitting in a room

Updated: A low-tech HTML rendition of Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting in a Room (1969).

Jan 2023 Recs

Music on repeat in January 2023. Playlist featuring jungle, drum & bass, techno, breakbeat, jazz, noise rock, gothic rock, progressive metal, shoegaze, glitch.

Masonry grid layout

Firefox has experimental support for masonry grid layout in CSS.

Litreach scores

Logging my progress in Litreach, an Irish Wordle-like game.

2022 Megamix

20+ hours of music I was obsessed with in 2022.

Dec 2022 Recs

Music on repeat in December 2022. Playlist featuring Speedy J, Sølv, Thugwidow, Indigo Virus, and more.

Temple of Boom

Visiting Temple of Boom, by Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang, on display over summer at the NGV in Melbourne.

Nov 2022 Recs

Music on repeat in November 2022. Playlist featuring Facta, 4hero, Pye Corner Audio, Susumu Yokota, Nav Katze, Venetian Snares, and more.

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