Temple of Boom

Today I visited Temple of Boom at the NGV in Melbourne.

Columns painted with a blocky, colourful gradient. The sun is behind the camera, lining up directly with one column so that it appears to have no shadow, lending it a flat, computer-rendered look.

A small footbridge leads to a recreation of the Parthenon, with some parts painted white and others painted in a colourful gradient. It's surrounded by trees and tall city buildings.

2022 NGV Architecture Commission
Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang | Temple of Boom

The 2022 NGV Architecture Commission is an evocative reimagining of the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens.

Over the summer months, the Architecture Commission will evolve and change as it is painted by a team of Melbourne artists, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours and rich artistic embellishments that defined the original building. The layering of these artworks over months asks us to consider the effect of time on all architecture. […]