Bits and bobs, odds and ends, this and that.

I’ve been making little changes to the site as I discover and rediscover interesting things. They don’t necessarily fit a pattern. So, here’s a roundup of miscellaneous updates.

  • Command-line cheat sheets have been added for grep and tmux.

  • On the SVG page, you’ll find a tip for carving out shapes inside shapes. (I used this to redraw the site’s logo as a single vector path.)

  • There are many words to describe apsides, the extreme points in an orbit.

  • Finally, some interesting words in other languages:

    • If you have a pile of books bought but unread, that’s a tsundoku in Japanese.

    • If you’re carrying a dog under one arm, that’s sobraçar in Portuguese.

    • If you’re introducing a friend, and you panic for a moment as you struggle to remember their name… that’s a tartle in Scots.

This post was inspired in part by Jim Kang’s Miscellaneous Findings series.