Midichlorian stuff

A round-up of social media posts from the past week, with some editing. (The first of many? We’ll see.) Inspired by Disquiet.

Drum & bass

Track of the week: Repetitive Future, from the Ability II Corrupt LP by Response & Pliskin. It’s an atmospheric track, 14 minutes long, that starts with a liquid break and evolves into something like Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra.

I made peace with Rekordbox and got back into home DJing, recording two new drum & bass mixes. One is a Mastodon exclusive, for now; the other you can listen to here.

Drum & bass mix – Download MP3 (113 MB)
  1. DJ KOS – Neo's Real Future
  2. ASC – Cosmic Energy
  3. Eusebeia – Recognition
  4. Overlook – Midnight Sun
  5. Jem One & SR – Stronger
  6. Garbage – Milk (Completely Trashed Remix)
  7. ASC – Force Majeure
  8. The Vagrant – Redemption
  9. Elementz of Noize – Nobody Here
  10. Audio – Bad Seed
  11. Response & Pliskin – Anima Morta
  12. Dead Man's Chest – Foundation Days
  13. Earl Grey – Infinite Loop
  14. Acid_Lab – Duppy Conqueror

Star Wars and lawn bowls

I did it. I watched all of Star Wars. Afterwards, for Oulipo.social, I retitled the films to avoid the letter E.

  • Part I – Much Ado About Jar Jar
  • Part II – Two To Jango
  • Part III – Sith Hits Fan
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Rascal 1: A Star Wars Story
  • Part IV – Star Wars: A Star Wars Story
  • Part V – Plot Twist
  • Part VI – Furballs 1, AT-AT 0
  • Part VII – Midichlorian Stuff Stops Zzzing
  • Part VIII – Viva Canto Bight
  • Part IX – Skyfolk Go Upward

Now, with that marathon complete, I’m going to watch something that’s very short and very Australian.

[92 minutes later]

Watched Crackerjack (2002), the best and only Australian comedy I’ve seen about a bowls club. ★★★ Here’s one of the funnier moments: Swear jar? What’s that?


Ye gods, thought Moist, back in the here-and-now, no wonder Groat sucked cough sweets all the time, the dust in this place could choke you!

He rummaged in his pocket and pulled out the diamond-shaped cough lozenge the old man had given him. It looked harmless enough.

One minute later, after Mr Pump had lurched into the room and slapped him heavily on the back, the steaming lozenge was stuck to the wall on the far side of the room where, by morning, it had dissolved quite a lot of the plaster.

Terry Pratchett, Going Postal

Snapped up this secondhand book from 1993 called Understanding Hypermedia.

A square coffee-table book, with a chaotic 90s design in pink and cyan.
Understanding Hypermedia: From Multimedia to Virtual Reality
A square coffee-table book, with a chaotic 90s design in pink and cyan, titled 'Understanding Hypermedia: From Multimedia to Virtual Reality'
Multimedia 91 Exhibition Guide
An image of a boxy black TV with the Commodore CDTV player, looking like a VCR with a CD hovering beside it. Beneath it is a blocky 3D rendering of helicopters flying over islands, described as a "high-resolution simulation".
Commodore: CDTV Player / Evans & Sutherland: CAD model
Images of Quicktime video-editing software on an old version of Mac OS. Caption: "Using sophisticated data compression/decompression algorithms, Apple have developed a means of showing motion video in a window on the Mac screen, with no extra hardware required. Quicktime movies can be cut and pasted through a range of graphic, word-processing and presentation software to create really dynamic communications."
Apple Computers: Quicktime Movie

The Internet Archive has made a scan of this book available to borrow online.

Web design

Learning to use logical properties in CSS. These let you control the layout in a way that’s independent of text direction, e.g. margin-inline-start instead of margin-left.

(This site’s design is now mostly converted to logical properties. It was satisfying to put dir="rtl" on the whole page and see the design flip.)

Left-to-right Logical
left inline-start
right inline-end
top block-start
bottom block-end
left & right inline
top & bottom block

Works on lots of stuff: margin, padding, border, text-align, float…


MacOS message: "You can't open the Bin because it's being emptied."
oh yeah watch me
A search for 'apples' in my bookmarks, yielding 316 results, starting with "How to create a bootable installer for macOS"
Searching for that one bookmark about which apples are in season

Other computery bits


Enjoyed following this tutorial for Videogrep: How to Make Automatic Supercuts.

Here’s a supercut of the word ‘number’ from a Numberwang! compilation.

The end

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