2022 Megamix

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20+ hours of music I was obsessed with in 2022.

Listen on Spotify. 243 tracks, 21 hr 39 min

1Lenzman, RedeyesBusters4:14
2Dead Man’s Chest, ResponseWe All Go A Little Mad Sometimes7:06
3my bloody valentinesometimes5:19
4BroadcastCome On Let’s Go3:23
5Men I TrustShow Me How3:35
7MartynFrozen Bread Snaps5:12
8All Natural Lemon & Lime FlavorsEmergency Turn Off4:40
9PinkPantheressI must apologise1:48
11Jesse GallagherCrystal Towers of the Moon2:13
12AutechreBasscadet (Beaumonthannanttwomx)8:13
13Burial, Four TetMoth9:20
14BluetechSurface Radiance3:20
15High SkiesThe Shape Of Things To Come6:05
16Elias. (DE)Dust Collector4:36
17Ritzi LeeTraction4:47
19PercBin Juice5:19
20Nu:ToneBack 2 U4:44
21LakewayUnrequited Dub4:57
23HarmonyOn My Own5:52
24Dead Man’s Chest, Coco BryceThe Dead Will Dance6:23
25Kid LibLiving in the Zone7:30
26OpticalWhat’s the Difference?6:56
28ASCStatic Charge6:45
29Artilect, Soul IntentLost - Soul Intent Remix6:22
32Dead Man’s ChestOpen Your Eyes6:38
33Law, NecrotypeWasting Time6:49
34Grey CodeActress4:13
35Amit, Rani9 Times5:54
36Coco BryceMy Blue Heaven5:08
37GarbageMilk - Completely Trashed Remix6:30
39Silence GrooveFeel5:16
41Ricky Force, Tim ReaperAll I Need - Tim Reaper Remix5:37
43YaporigamiCult Of Beauty5:57
44Hans ZimmerLeaving Caladan1:55
45Ricky Force, MeccaRisen6:17
46Silence GrooveOffset5:19
47Earl GreyInfinite Loop6:21
48Coco BryceAdventures In Perception5:09
49Acid_Lab, Vector BurnImagine The Future - Vector Burn Remix7:26
51BluetechAthena 136:22
52BTKCloud 94:27
53Paradox8 Track5:55
54Dead Man’s ChestBlunted6:03
55UnquoteHide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven - Sunchase Remix6:30
57ASCForce Majeure7:50
58EusebeiaThe Sun, The Moon & The Truth6:30
59Dead Man’s Chest, Double OFoundation Days6:37
61Intense, Ricky ForceTime Space Continuem - Ricky Force Remix5:45
62Tim Reaper, SullyLights Off, Heads Down - Sully Remix4:12
63Jem One, SRBlack Snake6:01
64Gridlok, Dom & RolandHooked6:34
65Gridlok, DomHooked - Tech Itch and Dieselboy Remix5:25
66Elementz Of NoizeNobody Here9:11
67Coco BryceMandy Inna Dancehall6:53
68EquinoxBad Dreams7:16
69OverlookLost Souls Club5:46
71QantPolygon Peaks5:57
73Coco BryceSun5:41
74DLX, Vector BurnMirrormask4:38
77HØST, Phoebe FreyaDare to Dream5:37
78Vector Burn, RHFBright Cave5:13
79Dead Man’s ChestAll About You6:32
80Placid OneMorse5:12
81Dead Man’s ChestObeahman5:29
82Öona DahlLucid4:55
83Coco BryceWish We Didn’t4:08
84Jonny FaithRare Move4:21
86Peach Kelli PopShampoo1:25
88Arabella and The HeistM.I.A.2:46
89Buke & Gase, Sō PercussionAncient Tool Gadget2:51
90Cellular ChaosSmothering Instinct2:32
91Sam WebsterMystic1:07
92Sufjan StevensCelebration II5:55
93Sophia LoizouVestal Waters5:11
94Rival ConsolesWorld Turns5:23
95DisasterpeaceThe Water Shelf4:31
96Lee GambleMany Gods, Many Angels3:55
97Lee GambleNaja4:51
98Lee GambleHyperpassive4:01
99Synth SenseBreathe6:57
101Empire XManiaphobia5:41
104Tim Reaper, Comfort ZonePacific6:29
106Zero T, Ian UrbinaDream State4:35
107Otto Taimelasunflower3:44
108WallisYou Will Wish You Were Never Born5:41
109Tokra Thaan, AmpereBlade Runner - Ampere Remix6:00
110Placid One, LazarusFoothills - Lazarus Remix6:32
111Helena HauffHyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg6:03
112AutechreSecond Scepe7:23
113LoneVapour Trail4:30
114Nathan FakeCharlie’s House - Apparat Mix7:54
115Sufjan StevensThey Also Mourn Who Do Not Wear Black (For the Homeless in Muskegon)6:21
116Alice ColtraneMy Favorite Things6:23
117Amaro FreitasPlenilúnio9:02
119Olivier Messiaen, André Previn, London Symphony OrchestraTurangalila Symphony: Turangalila I5:34
120Gustav Holst, Sir Colin Davis, London Symphony OrchestraThe Planets, Op. 32: VII. Neptune, the Mystic6:35
121Jean-Michel JarreNuit A Shanghai - Live7:01
122King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCrumbling Castle10:44
123LiturgyRed Crown7:23
124Artificial BrainArtificial Brain2:38
125FraughtThrone Of Traitors3:32
126Corr MhónaAn Laoi8:00
127zhOraThe Hollow5:21
128OpethHeir Apparent8:50
129Imperial TriumphantMerkurius Gilded6:08
130sunn O)))Hell-O))) - Ween14:08
131The WinstonsAmen Brother2:36
132Daniel Avery, HAAiWall Of Sleep4:47
133optic core_ACiD::_REDUX_3:29
134Purity Ringi like the devil2:55
135Luke VibertDecay Hole3:52
136r mccarthyJyoti1:26
137Elliott SalomanDrop My Heart5:13
138Boards of CanadaMusic Is Math5:21
139The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz EnsembleAdaptation of the Koto Song3:58
140Jaco PastoriusPortrait of Tracy2:22
142SB81Etched Within6:13
1432814Before the Rain7:13
144The Sweet EnoughsMysterious River Snake2:56
145Rodrigo de la Serna y El YotivencoMilonga Lunfarda2:10
146Natalia Lafourcade, Los MacorinosLuz de Luna (feat. Los Macorinos)3:18
147Alberto Baldan BemboBlue Velvet1:18
149Victor JongPortrait of Tracy2:28
150Isaac Albéniz, Nicholas UnwinIberia, Book 3: III. Lavapies6:46
151Four TetParallel 65:06
152Bohren & Der Club Of GoreProwler5:04
153ManetPast the Aphelion7:14
154Jaco Pastorius, Mathieu DesyPortrait of Tracy2:29
155OrbitalHalcyon and On and On9:27
156Dead Man’s ChestAcid Inna Dancehall5:08
157J MajikHold You4:33
158Current ValueWEIGHT6:09
159Evan ZiporynPortrait of Tracy2:20
163CastevetThe Curve7:55
164Faceless BurialFrom The Bastion To The Pit7:00
165MeshuggahBlack Cathedral2:00
166Artificial BrainLast Words of the Wobbling Sun6:08
167Boris, sunn O)))Etna9:50
168Dead KennedysHalloween3:35
170Tim ReaperLights Off, Heads Down5:54
171FactaOn Deck3:35
173Pye Corner AudioHollow Earth5:11
174Susumu YokotaAzukiiro No Kaori2:39
175Nav KatzeZiggy (Aphex Twin Mix #1)6:02
176Venetian SnaresSound Burglar4:35
177Dom & RolandDelta5:54
178The Sweet EnoughsMarshmallow3:55
179Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Emile MosseriI Could Be Your Dog3:13
180Ichiko Aobaohayashi3:44
182Lucrecia DaltEl Galatzó3:32
183Gaby MorenoHablo de…4:43
184ZazLa vie en rose3:51
185Anders IlarMake Believe10:10
186Dave Owen, Calculon, JaybEEComfort Zone6:01
187Dom & RolandUnofficial Jah VIP3:48
188AphroditeBasslights - Jungle Renegades VIP5:36
189Red Crayola, Various ArtistsListen To This0:04
190Aphex TwinVordhosbn4:51
192Andrew WhitwellShadow Dancer7:37
193YOBPrepare the Ground - 2021 Mix9:05
196Esplendor GeométricoMoscú Está Helado3:45
197s e r é n a t eto all the plants i loved3:45
198Franz Schubert, Zsuzsa Kollár, Jenő JandóFantasie In F Minor, Op. 103, D. 94017:07
199Takashi KokuboDawn of the Forest16:04
200RefreshersWay U Smile6:32
201Speedy JSymmetry6:07
202SølvBedroom Eyes3:58
203Little Snake, Flying Lotus, Ivy LabTO FIND LOVE IS TO SEEK THE END - Ivy Lab Remix3:42
204THUGWIDOWSeventh Circle of Litness6:37
205Indigo VirusBlackhole6:31
206Dwarde, Tim ReaperGlobex Corp Vol. 1 B25:58
207SquarepusherDetroit People Mover4:27
209Floating PointsFalaise3:54
210Amon TobinBack From Space4:52
211TeebsWhile You Doooo1:31
213Kelly Lee OwensOlga3:02
214BorisStarship Narrator4:01
215Vulfpeck, VulfDean Town3:33
216Feu! ChattertonUn Monde Nouveau5:01
217Jeanette¿Porqué te vas?3:21
218Ulrika SpacekNo. 1 Hum4:30
219Johnny Klimek, Natalia MateoComing Home3:48
220OpiusThe Cube5:33
221Dead Man’s ChestRinsa5:43
222Dead Man’s ChestUnnatural Mystic6:30
223Imperial TriumphantChump Change7:49
224MeshuggahBroken Cog5:35
225Faceless BurialEquipoise Recast6:08
226DeftonesWhat Happened to You?3:53
227Rival ConsolesWorld Turns5:23
228BroadcastCome On Let’s Go3:17
229Jonny FaithLifted5:53
230MeshuggahThe Faultless4:48
231Vex’dRemains of the Day3:55
233The Sweet EnoughsCerberus4:17
234Ricky ForceBump4:41
236Dom & RolandBinary Star4:41
237Purity Ringalmanac3:13
238Johann Sebastian Bach, Friedhelm FlammePedal-Exercitium, BWV 5982:23
240The MaríasOnly in My Dreams2:50
241The Sweet EnoughsDream Puppy5:39
242SebaThe Colour of Space6:07
243Zombie NationKernkraft 4004:45