1. Jan 2023 Recs

    Music on repeat in January 2023: jungle, drum & bass, techno, breakbeat, jazz, noise rock, gothic rock, progressive metal, shoegaze, glitch.


    Bismuth Garden has moved!

  3. Masonry grid layout

    Firefox has experimental support for masonry grid layout in CSS.

  4. 2022 Megamix

    20+ hours of music I was obsessed with in 2022.

  5. Dec 2022 Recs

    Music on repeat in December 2022.

  6. Temple of Boom

    Today I visited Temple of Boom at the NGV in Melbourne.

  7. Nov 2022 Recs

    Music on repeat in November 2022.

  8. Ozymandias eaten

    I have eaten the traveller from an antique land

  9. Oct 2022 Recs

    Music on repeat in October 2022.

  10. Esto es solo para decir

    Spanish practice, taking a stab at translating This Is Just To Say.

  11. Un miedo a las alturas

    Spanish practice, talking about a fear of heights.

  12. Un nuevo blog

    Starting a blog for practising Spanish.

  13. Sep 2022 Recs

    Music on repeat in September 2022.

  14. Library reviews

    A round-up of funny user reviews of libraries in Melbourne.

  15. The Peripheral Mix

    An unofficial soundtrack for the William Gibson novel The Peripheral.

  16. Crystalcore

    Mixtape made in 2021, during one of the long Melbourne lockdowns.

  17. Midichlorian stuff

    A round-up of social media posts from the past week.

  18. Feb 2022 Recs

    Music on repeat in February 2022.

  19. Ruby squares II

    This is a followup to Ruby squares, which I wrote way back in the first year of 2020. I promised a new Ruby golf program that would animate text in the terminal, hoping to release it “soon” (lol). One last bug kept me from releasing it. Now, so much time has passed that I can’t remember what that bug was, or whether I’d fixed it. So I’m releasing the code as it is, for the sake of closure.

  20. Jan 2022 Recs

    Music on repeat in January 2022.

  21. Ruby squares

    My latest hobby is a kind of coding challenge, writing short Ruby programs with self-imposed constraints. The goal is not to write the shortest code possible, but to fit the code neatly into a rectangle. Achieving this requires some trickery.

  22. Chestnut

    The origin of the term old chestnut is thought to be a play, The Broken Sword (1816) by William Dimond.

  23. Unicode in Racket on macOS

    A brief guide to using Unicode in the Racket REPL on macOS.

  24. Links: Beyond sustainable

    Links about technology and regenerative design.

  25. Oddments II

    Continuing the Oddments series. Here are the more interesting additions to the site this week:

  26. The fly the spider caught

    This is an extreme example of centre embedding which I came up with many years ago. It’s a synopsis of the children’s rhyme, There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.

  27. Oddments

    Bits and bobs, odds and ends, this and that.

  28. ‘Did you find it?’ ‘I did’

    Some time ago, I was eager to resume learning Toki Pona, a conlang with around 120 words. I was particularly eager to return to my copy of the Toki Pona book, despite the wealth of learning material available online. That wasn’t an option, though – I left the book behind when I moved continent in 2017.

  29. Sowing seeds

    Welcome to Bismuth Garden. I’m Liam, and this website is a personal wiki and digital garden.

  30. Navigate Bash with ease

    Keyboard shortcuts to make navigating the command line in Bash less tedious.